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Siddheshwar – The Power of Soul (“Siddhasana”) is a flagship lifestyle program with the mission to help you rediscover your inner self and reconnect you to your authentic being by using the power of silence.


Siddhasana is a journey of awakening and the anchor is silence.  It is a residential silence retreat program structured to raise your consciousness from subconscious living to higher conscious living.  

The program progresses over 7 levels, with each level carefully crafted to bring the untrained, distracted mind one step closer to a more complete living.


Each level features its own set of activities, guidelines, and purpose.  By the end of each program, participants often feel greater satisfaction and leave with a deeper sense of happiness.


Note: Siddhasana is a priceless program built and sustained purely by the labor of love.  There is absolutely no charge for participation at any residential retreat in India.



Siddheshwar – The Power of Soul “Siddhasana” programs are shared in the following ways:


The flagship residential retreats are held in the the beautiful and lush mountains of Tirupati, India, amidst the calm, therapeutic ambience of Sri Siddheshwar Tirth. 


The 3-day international retreats are conducted in different parts of the world.


The 2-hour sessions are conducted in-person at various conferences, organizations, and universities.


The online workshops are conducted worldwide.

SIDDHASANA Residential Retreats are conducted every month in India

Siddhasana Workshops and sessions are organized throughout the year.



Stress, anxiety, anger, fear, guilt, hurt, sadness  and loneliness is stopping us from experiencing the true happiness, peace and love within us.


Siddheshwar The power of soul SIDDHASANA is here to hold your hand and take you through this journey of self empowerment by sharing the art of letting go all the emotional baggages and gift yourself a life full of freedom 


We believe stress, tension,etc is a symptom of deteriorating soul power, Siddhasana resolves this through focused soul uplifting therapies with the pure element of silence.


“ Become Non Harming and 

Live and Let Live “


This program enhances your overall health and empowers you to become the *best version of yourself.*



Siddhasana Retreat is open for all from the age of  25 years. 


Siddhasana workshops are open for adults as well as children from the age of 14 years. 



"Let’s Login to ourselves and invest some time in silence"


The seven- day Siddhasana Retreat program has brought a life changing experience in people’s life. The program includes yoga poses, meditation, chanting, sattvic food and silence. Silence is the most important factor in this program, that helps people to look within themselves. We will discuss in detail how each part is important, linked and interdependent of each other, to achieve the higher goal- happiness.


We are living such a stressful life that taking a retreat has become a necessity. And trust us it is quite beneficial. We can relax and understand others and ourselves better. A retreat is an ideal way of relaxation amidst nature.

In the era of 5G lets get connected to 5E


Exploring Self


Energizing the Form


Elevating Thoughts


Empowering Soul

Experience of Silence


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